24 October 2014 (Plant the seed Corn and completing the bed)

The first picture showed that we were in the middle of the briefing with our KG, He divided us again into group which were the group for planting the corn seed while the rest of us were remain on our own previous group because some of other group, their bed haven't completed finish yet and need to improve a little bit so it will be suitable for the seed to grow.

okay next is our supervisor  ,his name is Abg Hadi ( I guess??) .. He was selected by the staff of this FPA , to watch over us during this practical for this semester. And not to mention to train us and to give an advise in this thing.

Alright, our group were for the clearence, so yeah as you can see there the girl with the yellow shirt and the cap is me ,sorry for glove .yup it was too huge for my tiny small hand (hehe) . And the 4th picture were my groupmate ,they were doing the clearence as well

(My Share Farm)
It might be not the best from all but ,it is the only thing I can do the best for , I did mention the measurement for the bed ,it is 4×12fts and the height is half inch . why? okay here it is..the roots of the plant will go underwards(geotropism) about 1inch to get the water supply . And why it must be 4×12fts? it is because we were told to harvesting 12corn , so. the distance between the seed would be 1inch ,to avoid the competition with each other . So there would be 2 rows.each rows with 6 holes for the seeds. Okay the fifth picture showed that my sharefarm before and after . It took me 11days, 53hours , to finish completely my share farm .

(Planting the corn seed)
Before the plant team do their job , our KG were told to soak first all the seeds from the tin(0n sixth picture) in the warm water ,and then after a few minutes,the plant team were begun with their job. The seventh picture showed they were planting the seeds . Okay each hole would be plant with 3seeds.why? okay here it is, this is to make sure each hole will have atleast one seeds that succesfuly growing up from the 3seeds.who knows? t one of the seed is not good so we have 2 seeds left to grow up. 

(watering the plant)
as you can see at the last picture, all of us that had planted seeds in our own share farm,  we were watering our share farm .

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